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Regular school day:  8:10am - 3:10pm

Early Dismissal day:  8:10am - 12:10pm

First Day of School is August 26, 2019

Transportation Note:  students are only allowed to ride a different bus due to emergencies or for child care reasons.  Your student MUST submit a completed bus pass that morning.  Click the link below (school bus) for a bus pass.  All changes to your student's dismissal must be changed by 2:00pm on that day; no exceptions will be made.



Attendance Note:  Please call the Attendance Hotline at 484-292-1120 to report your student's absence before 9:00am.  An absence remains UNVERIFIED (UNV) until you have contacted us. Absences will only be marked DOC (excused by a doctor) if a doctor's note is submitted to the office.  Excuses must be submitted within 5 days of the absence in order for it to be excused.  If you email or otherwise notify your student's teacher, YOU MUST STILL CONTACT THE OFFICE to report the absence.





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