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Welcome to 4th grade

Language Arts/
Social Studies Teachers


  • Mr. Velekei

  • Miss Rabeh

  • Mrs. Miller

  • Mr. Moyer

  • Ms. DeBoer

  • Mrs. McCarron


Math/Science Teachers

  • Mrs. Malachowski

  • Ms. Thomas

  • Mrs. McCarron

  • Miss Genua

  • Mr.  Hercik


    Ms. Molfetta


Cyber Teachers

  • Mrs. Ralston- LA/SS

  • Miss Stetser-Math/SC

  • Mr. Giemza-Math/SC

  • Mrs. Lund- LA/SS


As all 3 elementary schools merge into one building, students will be meeting many new students and teachers.  4th grade is a transition year in which students will be expected to apply skills based on previous knowledge and to take on more responsibility for their learning, their materials, and their behavior.


Language Arts—Reading to learn and writing will the focus this year.  We will practice how to analyze and interpret what we are reading by drawing conclusions and inferring.  Students will write narrative, opinion, and informational passages throughout the course of the school year.  Figurative language and poetry will also be studied.  Students will utilize technology and be responsible for presenting to other classmates.  


Math—This year we will be learning how about fractions, decimals, multiplication, division, geometry, and algebra..  Having basic math facts memorized will help students with these concepts.  Students will have math homework almost every night.  Get ready for a challenging year.


Science—Topics that will be covered this year are Studying Science, Plants, Ecosystems and Adaptations, Weather, Matter, Electricity and Energy. We have lots of hands on activities to reinforce these concepts.  Students will take a Science PSSA test this year.


Social Studies -  Our home state of Pennsylvania will be our topic of study this year.  We will learn about the geography, history, government, and economics of our Keystone state.  The curriculum has a technology infused them and hands-on activities for home and school.