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Book to Movie Nights!


     As part of our comprehensive literacy program at Nazareth Intermediate School, we are developing a series of book clubs each trimester. Our theme this year is "Books Turned into Movies".  Book Club is open to children of all reading abilities in grades 4-6.  The purpose of our Book Club is to expose children to exceptional literature, and to involve parents in the process.

     Students will be introduced to the book during library time. We will provide a copy of the book to each student. Copies supplied by the school will be considered library loans and must be returned in good condition. Parents will be encouraged to read the selections with their children at home.

As a reward for participating, students will be invited to a movie night.


     The books we used were Bridge to Terabithia & Holes. We had 111 students sign up in Trimester 1, and about 90 in Trimester 2.

Barnes & Nobles Night!


     Each year the Multimedia center has a Barnes and Nobles night.  Students are invited for a night of reading, playing games, chorus performances and a fun drinks from Starbucks!

   Students are encouraged to purchase their favorite books and a percentage of the cost is donated back to the school. 

   The money enables the library to purchase more books for the school library and other games and supplies for the Makerspace areas!

    It is a fun night for all and great to see the parents out encouraging students to read and learn!

Students even named a drink!


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